Welcome to Knuckles Food Evolution

We are all about clean fresh food for the food service industry.

Contact us to see how a focused food supply chain operator can increase your product offerings, increase your margins, and reduce your operating costs.

We specialise in gourmet raw and pre-cooked protein products; able to supply from 10 to 1000 kgs of selected speciality items on a regular or on-demand basis. We are also currently negotiating with a select group of producers to be included into our supply chain – we will become your first and only contact for ALL your fresh and value-added products.

Our production facilities are all HACP certified and operate extended hours. Our delivery service operates Monday to Friday, however, we have been known to load up a van for a Sunday morning urgent request.

Require something imported? No problems, we are closely coupled to to a small number of importers with direct connections to manufacturing facilities in Europe (and soon Asia).


Our Products

Sous Vide Beef
Work with higher margins through reduced effort

Gourmet Beef, Lamb, Pork, Goat, and Poultry (Chicken, Turkey, Squab)) products.

Select from our raw award winning value added range through to specialised sous vide cooked products.

Contact us if you have your own brilliant recipes but are lacking the required production facilities – we can help. 


Artisan Breads
More than just white rolls


We are currently negotiating with artisan bakery product suppliers to bring you the very best in gourmet rolls, breads, and pizza bases.

More information will be available soon; what we can tell you is that these products are not your usual bread fodder.

Single Origin or Perfect Blend
Single Origin or Perfect Blend


We are driven to bring the best products that we can source, recently this has extended to unique single origin and blended roasted coffee.

So if your requirements are 5 kg per week, or 500 kg per week, we will soon be able to fill your requirements with the best coffee in the world.

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About Us

Knuckles Food Evolution started as a result of a meeting between a couple of frustrated food lovers. Sandro and Rick, although coming from very different academic backgrounds (Sandro: Marketing, Rick: ICT) both spent some time in the wholesale, food service,  and retail food arena. 

“We have seen some scary stuff!”

Combining their accumulated 70+ years of knowledge, Knuckles Food Evolution was created to reset the origin and quality of the food that we eat, add innovative food preparation and presentation techniques, and do this in a manner so that food retailers are able to work more efficiently without sacrificing the ever sliming margins.

Through a number of years of Proof Of Concept testing and associated Marketing Analysis and Environmental Scanning, Knuckles Food Evolution internally built dedicated machines and developed recipes that could be utilised in the food service industry. These recipes were then augmented with  processes to ensure that product quality remained at it’s highest level without sacrificing production efficiencies, and as a result, without endangering operating margins.

Through this journey, Knuckles Food Evolution has been able to nurture and evolve important strategic alliances that have allowed the central ethos to be maintained, and build a significant catalogue of products as well as the required licensed manufacturing facilities required to deliver small and large quantities of product. The catalogue continues to build with bakery and coffee products under consideration. 

Join our food evolution and become part of the future.